Thursday, July 3, 2014



Tomorrow is the 4th of July !! Happy Birthday U.S.A.

Glad to be here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1,2014

Today is oil day.
Before I drove to Colorado I changed the oil in my car. When I got home, my car put up it's 'change the oil soon' message on my dash. I go to Jiffy Lube and the young man said, " didn't I just see you in here ?".Yes you did, just two weeks ago. May is when I get my car inspected and the emissions done and get a new sticker for the license plate. I also got the oil changed and oil, air and ?? maybe another filter I do not remember. I had not gotten all the filters for a while so it was time to do them all.  It was an easy, cheap, quick change, this time.

Putting good oil in your car every 3 to 5000 miles is one of the best and easiest things you can do to prolong the life of the engine in your car. I have been lucky to have men in my life who build and race cars. Good gas and oil are easy maintenance any one can and should do. Tire pressure is another. I like 39 lbs. My friend Royce likes 41, this is a hard ride, " but better tire wear". I opt for a softer ride, 2 pounds, come on.

The way I drive it probably does not mater !! I was having a good time driving on two lane curvy steep mountain roads, not noticing Royce's white knuckles, "you should have been a race car driver". "OH, was I going too fast ?" With me you can almost count on it. "Well maybe just a little." I love to drive and I always push my cars just a little. But the flip side is when I drive we make good time. Coming home from Colorado Springs we took 24 West, then thru Fairplay and Breckenridge, Colorado. These are some wonderful mountains and a beautiful part of our country. Took I70 to Glenwood Springs. The day before, When we got to Divide I took the road to Cripple Creek, that is where I was driving hard. Royce is a drag car racer, me I started out watching drag racing, but my first sporty car was a TR 4 and I ran Gym Kaunas. I may have spelled that wrong. We ran timed road races, where I drove and I had a passenger with a map and we had to clear check points and make the fastest time. I won a brass plack to go on the dash ! So ...rumm rumm 

We went to Burley, Idaho over the week end to the Power Boat Races. 3 days of fast boats. American Power Boat Association puts on a good event. 11 AM to 5-6 PM. Good weather. Lots of fun, Sun, had an exultant time. Good friends to hang with. Good food at Conner's Café. Easy drive home, some one lane travel, they are paving the highways. But it was late and we were not held up a lot.

Today I am oiling my skin. Allover just because I do that. Jafra Cosmetics makes an Almond oil I like. I have dry skin, we could play Hansel and Gretel in the woods if I didn't put any oil on my skin. I would just flake off and we could just follow the skin flakes home ! I use their lotion, oil and bath products. I also like their sunscreen. The one for your face does not sting your eyes and the after hydrating lotion is the best ! I have yet to peel when I use it. At my age I take care of my skin. I am a bit of a sun lover, so I watch for spots and moles. I have had one small skin cancer taken off my nose. It will be the only one !! I think I burned my node to where it peeled at least twice every summer growing up. I do not remember sunscreen, the skiers had Zink white stuff - YUCK - my Mother wore hats ..... so I just check and use a good oil and creams.

In Junior High School 8th grade I think a friend got a sun lamp !! Big deal, we were going to be the first to have sun tans !! This is a big deal. I remember it was a big bulb with a reflector around it. We read the directions, laid down on our tummy's and promptly went to sleep.
.We burned our backs sooooo bad. I had blisters the size of silver dollars. The next one she got was lots better, it was a tube light and we did not get burned.

I have always used oils and creams, now I get my tans from a jar too.