Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Utah State Fair 2nd Day


Friday. Second day of the fair. Crowds were light until about noon and then they started picking up. By the time I left at 4pm the grounds were full of people.

The tables we skirted for the shows tables are about full. I am going to move some tables out of my area on Sunday. We still need to leave the prep area up for the entry area and the Judges to have an area. Having the Heritage Building back is great. It is just the right size, for now. As we grow we will fill it and next year I will eliminate the Judges area and shrink the prep area.

We are on the high school lists. They have to find us and find the sun flowers. Some of the kids are quite interested. I talk to them about the programs in their schools and point out the entry's from Sainsbury and Grantsville High Schools.

Went by the veggies building and they have less than half what they had last year. Also Bart was gone, he is only there in the morning. The new helper guy, he just sits, no Master Gardeners, no biggest pumpkin.

The lady who comes in by bus and Trax was in the Chicken building. She had two beautiful chickens entered. They were wonderful !! The orange one was real nice, won a ribbon. She also had a duck there. Wow, she brings them in in dog carriers. She also won a blue ribbon on her chili peppers in the veggies ! She wins blue ribbons on her flowers and plants all the time !

Last year when she came up short on money, she had a lot of entry's for one show, I lent her the money. The master gardener man, it was a couple helping, said "You'll never see that money", yes I will, I told him. Sure enough, when she came in the next day, to see if she had won any ribbons, she paid me. She is a kind cheerful woman and enters all kinds of crafts, flowers and fowl, in the fair. I see her every day, she really enjoys the fair !

About the same at the show. New cuts on the flowers and herbs. Water everything. Cut dead stuff off of arraignments. Left at 3:30pm.
Thomas Miller will close out show and take in entry's. He will have some one to help him. Stephaney from the computer room will have the cash box and lock up.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Utah State Fair

I run the Flower Shows for The Utah State Fair.
They call it The Floriculture and Horticulture Department.
We have cut flowers, herbs, potted plants, and floral arraignments of fresh plants and flowers.

Today is the first day of the Fair. We took in lots of flowers the 3rd from 6-9pm. One lady came late, I had her drop off her stuff, but would not let her enter anything. She came late last year and cost me time after closing, I am not doing that this year. I locked up and left at 9:45pm. She did this twice last year and I stayed till 10:30-11. I have been told no more, go by the rules. She came back this morning and filled out paperwork and entered her flowers.

I got to the building by 6:45am, it was locked. No one in the office. We were to start taking in flowers at 7am. By 7:20 our helpers were arriving .... One of them found an open door on an adjoining building and we got in our building. This let us know we did not shut our back door very well ! He just pulled it open, it is an interior door.

My niece Dolly Roy helped today. Every one agreed she was a big help. She helped the Judges and the entrants with their paperwork.

The day went very well. The show looks very good. I took some pictures. Some people who were involved last year have commented that the show is bigger than last year, and it is. We took in over 100 entry's. I had 11 judges and clerks, and we still made mistakes on the paper work !

The computer lady Stephanie never did find one guy, and my cash box did not balance !! It never does.

One lady came down out of the canyons from Coleville, long ways and was late, so we let her in, and another lady who comes in from the western part of the county by bus and trax train was later and I let her in to ... I know I said I wouldn't.

I left at 4pm, 7am to 4pm long day. Ate a Berry-Berry Crepe, really good, $8.00. Chocolate and Berries, yum. Chocolate helps an old lady thru these long days.

When Dolly shows me how to put pictures on this I will.