Friday, December 12, 2014

still decorating my tree

Opened the 2nd box. Some of the same, Bronco stuff, etc.

Two Santa's on white discs. One is fishing through a hole the other is ice skating with Rudolph who is also on skates - they are holding each other up - or dancing. A silver pinecone, more red, green, gold, pink, blue balls, in small medium and large sizes. The Goldilocks and the Three Bears china figurers that belonged to my Grandmother Celestia Burt. When She had them she said they were her Fathers. Just Woolworth's china, but precious. They are miss matched and never looked like bears to me, but I treasure them. A 2002 Olympic Snowflake this has the official design where the balls have the one we used in the bid processes. I bought this a the store in the Village as I worked The Olympics. Glittery pearl angle on a swing, heavy, she is surrounded by a circle of flowers and birds! She gets her own nail.
Lots of after Christmas sale goodies. I have a wonderful decorator Store, Modern Display, their sales are real and the mark downs are worth waiting for. I have 1000 bulb indoor - out door light sets, small wooden red shinny boots with white fur cuffs hanging on the tree. balloons on 4 inch wire 'strings' so they stand up on the branch. I could not have afforded them not on sale. Silver garlands and pearl garlands also sale finds.
A yellow pineapple from Hawaii, a trip with Andrea, another gold cutout from Toronto, Canada. My Niece's and I rode the train from Vancouver, wonderful trip. Hand painted globes, from the Montrose boutique and by Kalena. Hand made Pineapple shape ribbon ornaments made by a good friend, a co worker and the Mother of a good friend. 10 to remind me of a courageous woman I had the pleasure of getting to know by working with she and her daughter. She fought in the jungles in the Philippines with the American's. She married a service man and came to the U.S. and raised a family. After retiring from a admistration job at a bank she came to work where I was working. She has passed on, but her daughter is in St George, Utah and I have these Ornaments, "Hi Natti" !! Reindeer made out of shinny red apples, I am gluing their legs on. Black Santa's with white beards and hair and a red nose that go over your bottle neck - thank you Julia, "High 5".

still atill decorating my tree Friday 12-12-14

Opened box number 3.  right away knew it was going to be different. A catalog was protecting a flat angel with gold tinsel radiating all around her head. She looked like the one that was on my tree when I was growing up. By folding her inside the pages she stays flat. A Bronco and Green Bay snowmen. Lady mouse made out of a thistle sitting on a chair dressed for church. Green Bay players jumping on each other.  Avon Christmas Bear Pin still in the original packaging, 1984. Santa with a rod and a fish, hand carved wooden bear with a rod and a fly stuck in his hat. Silver spoons  with bears and birds  sitting in the bowls. I know they are silver, they have turned black.?'

A blue and white china pig, china geese, and a small bag of mini marsh mallows with a tag, "Heard you've been naughty, so here's the scoop. All you get is snowman poop ! I remember one with chocolate covered raisins that was reindeer poop. I have a lady who sits in the corner on a shelf holding a sign, "Be naughty - save Santa the trip." Found a beautiful wood rocking horse, there will be a few more, my friends Chuck and Phyllis in Boise, Idaho, their son Perry's school was selling them to raise money.

An old Christmas Card from My Mother and Father's friends to me that was meant to hang on the tree. It is a Norcross card and on the back it says, to hang on your tree. It is in the shape of a pink bell with three angles on the front. It hung on my tree as a child. Heavy Avon musical ornaments, they look like metal with colors a horn and a harp, also a metal sled.

I am down to the last tier of the last box ! Good, because I am running out of branches. I am filling in toward the trunk. Just found some hand made crochet Santa faces, wreaths and cross stitched small, one inch things my sister made. Also felt ones Mother made.

This is nuts. I have got to give a lot of this away. Who gave Gary the Green Bay Santa, the Snow man. May I give it back to you ?

A pig riding a snow board, one hanging on a candy cane. Salt Flat Salt Snow Flake, a South Dakota Pheasant Feather oval. I need a nap. A glass Santa that lights up,

That's all I am done un packing my boxes. Now I can get out the skating snowman, families and all the goodies that go on my shelves and walls !!

decorating my Christmas tree 12-10-14

I have a phony tree. I got to be too much, too heavy. just beyond me, so I bought a 6 foot plastic one. It does not look too bad. It has multi colored lights.

As I get out my Christmas decorations it is like a family reunion. I have some from my early 1st marriage. We bought them at the PX in Anchorage, Alaska. I have a picture of me with our Charlie Brown tree, we cut it down our selves. I look like "The Wreck of The Hesperus". Death warmed over was a kind word. I was going through a rotten pregnancy. There are some from the time spent in Glasgow, Montana at an Air Force Base. I have some my Mother brought down when she came to live with me. Those I remember from my childhood and from visits to her home through the years. I have collected ornaments everywhere I have lived and people have sent them to me as they have traveled. My 2nd husband brought wooden ornaments, airplanes, sailboats and trains. He also had a paste board village, with cellophane windows and bottle brush trees. That is a lot of fun to put out. My kids bought skiers and snowman builders to put in it.

As I put each decoration out I remember who and where it came from. I have a bell from Grandma Peggy. A pink blown glass pig Terry and Gwen brought me from a trip back East. Santa in a Hot Air Balloon from Kalin. Father Christmas in a dark blue robe and a gorgeous wreath Kalena bought in Montrose. There are Green Bay Santa's, lots of Denver Broncos and Green Bay ornaments and stuff.

My Mother bought Christmas decorations out of the windows where she worked. I have them. I saved some off the Governor's tree. Nice small angles made out of gold and white beads, one of the guys we 4 wheeled with, his girl friend made them one year. Another year, another guy, another girl, another bar she made stained glass ornaments to sell and I bought some, they are on my tree.  Salt Lake City Winter Olympic balls, Walt Disney Mice, from when I was handling motion picture accounts for an advertising agency. Laurel Burch gold metal cut outs in her designs, ones from museums and state capitols.

My daughter Kalena and I went to a Christmas Boutique for years in Montrose at Thanksgiving. Everything is handmade, you can meet the artists. We always found things for our homes and for gifts. I have many things from there. It made Christmas shopping easy. I just hung a pig bell from one of their artists and glued a hymnal on to an angel made out of macaroni that is fine, looks like china. I also have some fun wooden hand painted snow men hanging on my tree and rain deer sitting on my mantel my daughter in law made one year and some poodle dogs sitting inside the tree she made too. I also have some awful ornaments the kids made one year at my Mother's, to keep them busy, with cotton string to hang them. One is a juice can lid punched with a nail ! There are wooden miniatures that are fun, some are Mother's and some are Gary's. Little brown angles and Orientals sitting in wreaths. And that is just the 1st box !

I bought 3 of those boxes you snap together. mine are three tiers high and fit over the door in the front bedroom. they hold all my ornaments. That way the village and all the stuff from all over the house can go in their boxes on the big shelf. The next two boxes will have some of the same as the first. I'll only tell you if I come across something real good.

Friday, December 5, 2014


4 am
" I see the moon the moon sees me. The moon sees somebody I want to see"  music playing in my mind.
There is a full moon this morning casting shadows. He is shining in my West windows like a street light.
There must be a clear sky out side.
Today is a bit of a busy day. I am going to get a manicure, my first in a long time. I do not get them in the summer when I am working in the yard. I am capable of doing my own fingernails and I can throw on some fresh polish to go some where if I want. A good manicure is an indulgence I allow my self when I am working and not taking the personal time to do it. I have strong finger and toe nails and like to keep them manicured.
I want to get my car washed. It has been awhile. My weather has been cold and rainy and I have birds with poopy problems so I want that off my paint !
I have been keeping a plumber busy. I remodeled my house back in the '90s and the main bathroom and kitchen are showing their age.
First the seat in the shower, one arm came off the wall. The plumber and I decided, after he got the other one to come off, the inside screws were gone-rusted. The silicone seals on the walls of the shower are still good so .... if I decide I want a seat in the shower I can put one in there. They sell them at the store.

Then the spray arm on my sink in the kitchen went blooey. I have a one piece hot cold off on pull out spray thing on my kitchen sink. It sprung a leak last Sunday. I found the lady I bought all the bath and kitchen fixtures from two weeks before and she called a guy about the shower seat. He never called, so I called her back. She gave me his # and he thought maybe he could get out over Thanksgiving, but he didn't. This lady, Elaine, has been in the plumbing fixture trade for years. When  I met her she was working for a nice company who carried very nice fixtures, and in ground pools. She helped me pick out all my faucets, hooks, sinks and stuff. We had lots of fun. That business changed a lot when the owner had a heart attack and his son took over and went into swim spas and mostly commercial. Elaine went to work for Standard Plumbing Supply. They carry all the upscale brands she knows, as well as all the regular stuff, they are a big outfit. When the sprayer went out I called my regular plumber, Rocky Mountain Air, Parker. He called me back on Sunday. I told him I have water shut offs under all my sinks (thank you Mr. Cope) thank you for calling me back, but I didn't want to pay Sunday rates, call back on Monday and lets set up a time for you to come out. He came out Tuesday. looked at the shower seat. In the kitchen he  took the part that slides in and out, the head screws off. He emailed Elaine pictures and part #s and went out, she had the part ready for him. He liked that she knew a lot about the products. "most parts counter people do not know any thing."

Now I have my dish washer running again, Yaha !!

Well, back to addressing Christmas cards. Then I want to get my tree up !

Thursday, December 4, 2014

David J. West Photography Gallery - Utah, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Southwest, Wasatch Mountains

David J. West Photography Gallery - Utah, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Southwest, Wasatch Mountains: David J. West Photography Gallery. Springdale, Utah. Zion, Bryce, Southwest, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Photos, Narrows, Angels Landing, Hiking, Posters, Limited Edition Prints, Zion National, David West

Monday, October 20, 2014


I am on my iPad tonight. I am trying to learn how to use this when I am on the road. So far I have e-mailed my self and then posted stuff when I got home. But that was not the idea, I am to work while I am away from home !

So we shall see if this works. I am going to take this with me to Pittsburgh tomorrow. I am to read on the plane and use it in my down time. If I am using this when is MY down time ??

More later. Now we shall see if I can send it ! Or post it

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How Gary B. and I got Married

Gary B. Cope and I had been dating about a year and a half when he got a letter from Proswood Development, the owner of the Condos he lived in. They had a new development they were selling ownerships in and as a long time renter, 8-9 years, they were offering him $2000.00 toward a down payment. The draw back was it was further out of Salt Lake City and he and I worked in Salt Lake City and most of the bars and clubs we went to were located in downtown Salt Lake.

As we talked about it he said he would like to buy a house and get married. WOW. We had not talked about that. Do you want to live that far out of town? No. You are on the road  lot and where you are the grounds are kept up and there is no up keep to the inside. Where is the down side. ? You say you want to buy a house. Yes but that is down the road. Lets do it now. Now? Yes. So, My son is away at college, My Mother is sick and staying with my sister, out of town, my daughter is away at a girls camp in the mountains, as a counselor and we decide to get married. It is a wonder we have any one who cares about us at all. We are so self absorbed. So we decide to go to a court house and have a judge do it. All the romance of a funeral. I think my sister may have went shopping with me, because I did buy a new summer dress. It was July. My Mother was not at my first wedding either,  my kids say I did not tell them about this one, and we could have waited until the weekend and Kalena would have been home from camp. Or we could have been married at the camp ! Or we could have just waited.

CUT/ About buying a house. I have a friend, she is in real estate, we look at 4-5 houses. He wants a fire place and a garage and down town. I want some age, two or three bedrooms and a small yard.
We can find everything except the garage. Most homes were built before cars, or the garage is very small, or the house is grand with a carriage house and and.

Then we find the one we bought. It was being rented, so he would not go thru the house much, I did, He made sure the bath had a shower and went out the back door into the Garage !! You could fit four cars easy !! No center supports !! Steel I beams !! Cinder block construction, plenty of windows !! You can pull engines in here ! Back in the house. Two bedrooms, bath, large kitchen. Living room dinning room with an arch, 9 foot ceilings, old moldings, 12 inches on floors, 8 inches around doors and windows with corner details. Yes. Small front yard, ample back yard. Well water. Drive way all down one side of house, garage in back yard. Mature plantings. Busy street. Downtown. Brick, shake shingled. ok.

So we are going to move in together and buy a house. He wants to use his GI Loan. Turns out they will not put my name on the title because we are not married. I had been dragging my feet a bit on that, not bringing it up. So.................well I am old enough to know I am not going to help you buy a house if my name is not on it.

So we tell every one we got married so we could buy a house. When you are in your 40's it beats being pregnant !!

I am getting ready to go to the court house and Gary comes to get me. "BY the way Phil is going to be there." What ? I thought we agreed since none of my family was going to be there, no one was going to be there! "Yeah I know, but he showed up at work this morning, with his truck and camper, and followed me, from job to job, until I told him when and where, so  I could get my work done, so I could get off !  I called my friend Sandi. If he was going to have some one so was I. Can you be across town in an hour , to stand up for me? Sure, but I am in my jeans. I don't care, get in your car and come now. OK.

Our wedding pictures show me in a new dress, Gary in a un matched coat and pants, Phil in a dark marring and burring suit and Sandi in jeans and a tee shirt. We are in Phil's camper toasting with paper cups. Then we went downtown to Fat Jack's Bar. They  set up the bar with beer pitchers full of red and white carnations, all down the bar, my dress was red and white. We toasted with champagne and beer. They gave us a large bottle of champagne and flutes. The bar was full of friends. We opened the big bottle and had good pizza. Later we went a few blocks away to a private club, The Saber, and the owners, Tom and Sam cooked us a wonderful steak dinner. And we celebrated with friends there. All in all it was a good day.

When I fill in all the left out parts remind me to tell you about the judge and the story she told us and the bit of a lecture, she felt she had to admonish us, about getting married. That was another interesting tidbit !!

, ......

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Utah State Fair 2nd Day


Friday. Second day of the fair. Crowds were light until about noon and then they started picking up. By the time I left at 4pm the grounds were full of people.

The tables we skirted for the shows tables are about full. I am going to move some tables out of my area on Sunday. We still need to leave the prep area up for the entry area and the Judges to have an area. Having the Heritage Building back is great. It is just the right size, for now. As we grow we will fill it and next year I will eliminate the Judges area and shrink the prep area.

We are on the high school lists. They have to find us and find the sun flowers. Some of the kids are quite interested. I talk to them about the programs in their schools and point out the entry's from Sainsbury and Grantsville High Schools.

Went by the veggies building and they have less than half what they had last year. Also Bart was gone, he is only there in the morning. The new helper guy, he just sits, no Master Gardeners, no biggest pumpkin.

The lady who comes in by bus and Trax was in the Chicken building. She had two beautiful chickens entered. They were wonderful !! The orange one was real nice, won a ribbon. She also had a duck there. Wow, she brings them in in dog carriers. She also won a blue ribbon on her chili peppers in the veggies ! She wins blue ribbons on her flowers and plants all the time !

Last year when she came up short on money, she had a lot of entry's for one show, I lent her the money. The master gardener man, it was a couple helping, said "You'll never see that money", yes I will, I told him. Sure enough, when she came in the next day, to see if she had won any ribbons, she paid me. She is a kind cheerful woman and enters all kinds of crafts, flowers and fowl, in the fair. I see her every day, she really enjoys the fair !

About the same at the show. New cuts on the flowers and herbs. Water everything. Cut dead stuff off of arraignments. Left at 3:30pm.
Thomas Miller will close out show and take in entry's. He will have some one to help him. Stephaney from the computer room will have the cash box and lock up.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Utah State Fair

I run the Flower Shows for The Utah State Fair.
They call it The Floriculture and Horticulture Department.
We have cut flowers, herbs, potted plants, and floral arraignments of fresh plants and flowers.

Today is the first day of the Fair. We took in lots of flowers the 3rd from 6-9pm. One lady came late, I had her drop off her stuff, but would not let her enter anything. She came late last year and cost me time after closing, I am not doing that this year. I locked up and left at 9:45pm. She did this twice last year and I stayed till 10:30-11. I have been told no more, go by the rules. She came back this morning and filled out paperwork and entered her flowers.

I got to the building by 6:45am, it was locked. No one in the office. We were to start taking in flowers at 7am. By 7:20 our helpers were arriving .... One of them found an open door on an adjoining building and we got in our building. This let us know we did not shut our back door very well ! He just pulled it open, it is an interior door.

My niece Dolly Roy helped today. Every one agreed she was a big help. She helped the Judges and the entrants with their paperwork.

The day went very well. The show looks very good. I took some pictures. Some people who were involved last year have commented that the show is bigger than last year, and it is. We took in over 100 entry's. I had 11 judges and clerks, and we still made mistakes on the paper work !

The computer lady Stephanie never did find one guy, and my cash box did not balance !! It never does.

One lady came down out of the canyons from Coleville, long ways and was late, so we let her in, and another lady who comes in from the western part of the county by bus and trax train was later and I let her in to ... I know I said I wouldn't.

I left at 4pm, 7am to 4pm long day. Ate a Berry-Berry Crepe, really good, $8.00. Chocolate and Berries, yum. Chocolate helps an old lady thru these long days.

When Dolly shows me how to put pictures on this I will.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 11,2014

Turning the wrong way

As I drove out of the Motel, "Honey your going the wrong way". Royce is very helpful. he keeps track of the maps and gas mileage and plans where we will stop to eat.

"No dear I am going to show you The Black Canyon to day. Don't you remember the conversation we had with Joe and Kalena last night ?" We talked about seeing The Black Canyon before we leave this time. The drive to the canyon is only about 40-50 miles out of our way and we are not in any hurry, so off we went.

When we checked in at the ranger station in the National Park I found I could buy a senior pass for less money than a one day pass. So now I am good for a while. I have had a golden age pass before, but I don't know where it is. We spent the day looking down into The Black Canyon of The Gunnison River. What an awesome place. It had been years since I had been there and we really enjoyed it. The overlooks are spectacular, each one more awe inspiring than the last. We didn't leave for Utah until 4pm. Next time I would like to drive down to the bottom and see the river and the reservoir.

We stopped in Olathe and bought 2 cases of corn and in Green River we bought 2 water melons to take home and ate dinner at the Tamarack Restaurant. We hit rain in Price and it rained all the way home. I was glad Royce was driving.

We reached Salt Lake City at 10 pm in rain. We had a good trip.

I Want to see the Canyon, the Museum and the Corn Festival again. I am glad I can use visiting my daughter as an excuse.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 10,2014 after corn

Gateway Auto Museum

Sunday after the Olathe Corn Festival my daughter Kalena her husband Joe, Royce and I drove North out of Montrose on High Way 50 toward Grand Junction. We turned off West on a high way that leads to Gateway and Naturita. It is a road none of us had ever been on before. Turned out to be a beautiful drive. High rock cliffs closed in on us in a curvy canyon. The rocks were stunning in height and colors. This opened up to broad meadows with black cattle, every thing was so green. They have had so much rain, the grass was high and the trees and bushes were thick.

44 miles later coming in to the Town of Gateway you could see some remnants of an old town. They have a new convenience store, then down a hill and there is the new Resort. The Resort Property is spread out behind stucco walls, away from the old town. Inside curving roads lead you past manicured lawns, landscaped gardens, Restaurants, a Hotel and the Auto Museum we have come to see. Plenty of parking, not many people out on a Sunday.

You can go on line to see how extensive the collection of cars is. It is marvelous ! The mussel cars are great. Joe found the SS he had as a kid. 100 years of history - one of a kind cars - Jimmy Johnson's Race Car in the Race Shop. It was fun seeing all the old cars, but my favorite was the first one we saw, a big old Buick in the lobby. A convertible, 195 -, really big and beautiful. They trade the cars in and out with some they have in storage, so it may not be in the lobby for long.

Across from the Museum was one of the Restaurants, a Grill. We had BIG Hamburgers and  a chicken Flat Bread with lots of veggies. The waiter was good and turned out to be from Montrose ! He had a roommate and lived in a dorm at the resort. After we ate Kalena and I walked around and looked at the different plants. Quite a few we did not know the names of. We saw Humming Birds, Humming bird Moths and Large Black Bees.

On the way back we stopped in the canyon and read an interpative sign that told us about a seep in the area and another sign about a home site.

Great Day.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9, 2014

Wow this year is running by so fast.

I drove over to Montrose Colorado the 1st. My daughter and her husband were playing in the Red Barn with their new Band "The Blue Crocodiles " ! Fun group, Sax, drums, two guitars, and conga drums. Every one sings off and on, they only play original music and they have a lot of fun and so does the audience. I ate a great hamburger and Royce had a great steak. The Barn has always been a good steak house, it has new owners so we were glad that had not changed.

The next day we went to The Olathe Corn Festival !! This celebrates sweet corn, I have always bought the corn, just never been to the festival. Well honey, it was great. Beautiful park with green grass, live bands all day. all the sweet corn, roasted, with butter, salt and pepper if you want, no charge ! They have a fire breathing dragon made of iron. Farmers love building things out of iron. The sweet corn fresh from the fields, in the husks is packed in ice, and stacked in crates 8-10 feet high. Large men pull a dripping crate down and empty it in to the dragon's mouth, corn, ice and all. Inside the dragon is a conveyer belt and a fire grill 15 feet long by 4 feet with fire licking out the sides. All covered up so it roasts fast. 3-4 minuets and the corn comes out and falls into galvanized tubs. The husks are burned. the tubs are delivered to a big tent to huskers. They peel the husks back run their gloves around to take the silk off, put a wet wipe around the husk end and hand it to you. FREE, want two OK. It is hot and soooo good. the next tent has butter, salt and pepper, me, this corn does not need butter. Then go sit and listen to the bands and soak up some sun. The vendors were fun, good hot dogs, turkey legs, fruit punch, all the fair food. They had craft vendors, Veterans booths, The Democratic Party, tee shirts, all kinds of stuff for sale.Had a great day. Two days later when I left for home I had two cases of sweet corn in my trunk !

We drove into Montrose to Ted's and had a wonderful meal of shrimp, salmon, and prime rib.

Good day.

Thursday, July 3, 2014



Tomorrow is the 4th of July !! Happy Birthday U.S.A.

Glad to be here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1,2014

Today is oil day.
Before I drove to Colorado I changed the oil in my car. When I got home, my car put up it's 'change the oil soon' message on my dash. I go to Jiffy Lube and the young man said, " didn't I just see you in here ?".Yes you did, just two weeks ago. May is when I get my car inspected and the emissions done and get a new sticker for the license plate. I also got the oil changed and oil, air and ?? maybe another filter I do not remember. I had not gotten all the filters for a while so it was time to do them all.  It was an easy, cheap, quick change, this time.

Putting good oil in your car every 3 to 5000 miles is one of the best and easiest things you can do to prolong the life of the engine in your car. I have been lucky to have men in my life who build and race cars. Good gas and oil are easy maintenance any one can and should do. Tire pressure is another. I like 39 lbs. My friend Royce likes 41, this is a hard ride, " but better tire wear". I opt for a softer ride, 2 pounds, come on.

The way I drive it probably does not mater !! I was having a good time driving on two lane curvy steep mountain roads, not noticing Royce's white knuckles, "you should have been a race car driver". "OH, was I going too fast ?" With me you can almost count on it. "Well maybe just a little." I love to drive and I always push my cars just a little. But the flip side is when I drive we make good time. Coming home from Colorado Springs we took 24 West, then thru Fairplay and Breckenridge, Colorado. These are some wonderful mountains and a beautiful part of our country. Took I70 to Glenwood Springs. The day before, When we got to Divide I took the road to Cripple Creek, that is where I was driving hard. Royce is a drag car racer, me I started out watching drag racing, but my first sporty car was a TR 4 and I ran Gym Kaunas. I may have spelled that wrong. We ran timed road races, where I drove and I had a passenger with a map and we had to clear check points and make the fastest time. I won a brass plack to go on the dash ! So ...rumm rumm 

We went to Burley, Idaho over the week end to the Power Boat Races. 3 days of fast boats. American Power Boat Association puts on a good event. 11 AM to 5-6 PM. Good weather. Lots of fun, Sun, had an exultant time. Good friends to hang with. Good food at Conner's Café. Easy drive home, some one lane travel, they are paving the highways. But it was late and we were not held up a lot.

Today I am oiling my skin. Allover just because I do that. Jafra Cosmetics makes an Almond oil I like. I have dry skin, we could play Hansel and Gretel in the woods if I didn't put any oil on my skin. I would just flake off and we could just follow the skin flakes home ! I use their lotion, oil and bath products. I also like their sunscreen. The one for your face does not sting your eyes and the after hydrating lotion is the best ! I have yet to peel when I use it. At my age I take care of my skin. I am a bit of a sun lover, so I watch for spots and moles. I have had one small skin cancer taken off my nose. It will be the only one !! I think I burned my node to where it peeled at least twice every summer growing up. I do not remember sunscreen, the skiers had Zink white stuff - YUCK - my Mother wore hats ..... so I just check and use a good oil and creams.

In Junior High School 8th grade I think a friend got a sun lamp !! Big deal, we were going to be the first to have sun tans !! This is a big deal. I remember it was a big bulb with a reflector around it. We read the directions, laid down on our tummy's and promptly went to sleep.
.We burned our backs sooooo bad. I had blisters the size of silver dollars. The next one she got was lots better, it was a tube light and we did not get burned.

I have always used oils and creams, now I get my tans from a jar too.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Denver / Colorado Springs Trip

Denver trip June 2014

My Grandson Parker graduated from a medical laboratory science program in Denver, Colorado.

When he called I said I thought you just graduated from college in Ft. Collins last May. Yes, I did. And you tested to get in to a Graduate program, yes, I thought it was two years, I didn't take that long.

Had a ball in Denver and Colorado, Springs and driving on I25.

My Grandson lives in Denver. His Mom and Dad live in Colorado Springs. So,..... I thought I would stay in the Springs so I could meet my Son's new friend at a brunch before we went out to dinner to celebrate the graduation. Also I wanted to do the same on a different day with his Mother and her new friend.

The Graduation was at 3pm Friday in Denver. 23 kids. Each one accompanied by a mom, dad, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. The announcer read what the Mom etc. had written about the graduate. Parker received an award for excellence in grades and leadership.

At the reception after the ceremony, all the faculty and the director of the school had good things to say about Parker. They told us fun stories about him. There are almost as many teachers as students so they know their students well.. One lab teacher told how the students can leave when their work is finished. Parker would leave 20-30 minuets before the class was over. She said at first I would give him a weird look. He would always smile and nod. I went over his work carefully, it was always right. The Director told how when she interviewed him she understood his college classes and majors and his grades were good, but why did he think music was important. He explained it was an in exact science and trained the mind to concentrate and memorize and be part of a whole. He felt the practice and accomplishment were rewarding. He plays he clarinet.

Parker had a final exam the next morning so he went home to study and the rest of us went our separate ways.

My son Kalin, Parker's Dad, and his friend Diane had picked  me and my friend Royce up at our hotel in Colorado, Springs. So we all headed back, we stopped at Gunthertooties, a 50's style Diner not far from our hotel. Some day I will tell you about them, Royce is wild about them, I know not why. We had chicken fingers, a veggie burger, a cheese burger, and I had a chocolate malt. Diane took half of her veggie burger home, it looked good. the cheese burger was good too, my malt was great.

Saturday we drove to down town Denver. It was great driving in the older part of town. Saw some of the older business. were off Lincoln Avenue and Broadway near 8th avenue. We met Parker's Mom and her friend Tony at a fun Café. Had a bloody Mary and French toast. Royce asked for a Denver omelet and they didn't know how to make one, so we all tried to remember what went in to it. Went to the 16th street Mall and walked around a bit. The Comic Con kids were there in costumes, it started to rain and drove us in doors. We took the free bus back to our cars. Drove by the State Capitol Building, it looks great. That Gold Dome sure shines. The trees around it in the park are bigger than I remember ! Went  to 6th ave. and ??Colfax maybe, still down town to a wonderful restaurant Parker found online. I asked Parker to find us a good restaurant to celebrate his graduation. It has been in business a long time and had great reviews.  We all had a great meal. The appetizers were great. We ate deviled eggs, calamari, and salmon. For entrees  Parkers friend Dillon ordered a whole Trout, it came baked in a beautiful crust. Colorado Lamb was Tony and my choice. Royce ordered Halibut.  Kim's choice of  Salmon was good and Parker's Mexican style seafood stew was a real hit.  Parker took home lots of food. We were talking about desert when the waiter brought out a chocolate cake with Congratulations Parker and a diploma on top. Kim brought it..thanks Mom !!! We all had a piece and a glass of water. It was a good rich cake. Had a great time. Good food.

Sunday Royce and I drove over to Diane's home in Colorado Springs for brunch. I met her Mother and Daughter. She served Keish, spelled wrong, wonderful mixed  fruit and her Mom made a delicious  coffee cake. Then we drove back to the hotel and changed in to our "dress up clothes". I ask Kalin to arrange a nice sit down steak dinner at a restaurant like Ruth's Chris. He had a reservation at Del Frisco's in Greenwood Village. They have a dress code, no jeans and skirts for the ladies, please. They picked us up at the hotel in Diane's Pilot car and we drove to Kalin's Photography Gallery in Denver. He wanted to do a quick inventory. I did some shopping and found a great long white skirt and a black blouse. The shop was funky and the women running it was fun and we found earrings and a necklace that really set it off. I had forgotten how much fun Royce is to shop with. Imagine, a man who likes to shop !! I wore everything out of the shop. Can't remember the last time I did that ! Parker and Dillon arrived and we were off to the restaurant. Diane had a GPS that talked to her and told us how to get to the restaurant. Royce wants one.Once again we had a wonderful meal. I had a filet. 4 of us did, Kalin had a rib eye. Their salads and side dishes were wonderful. Parker didn't take any meat home but he did get some mushrooms, potatoes and spinach. The deserts were decadent. Royce ask about the Key Lime Pie. The waiter had been a lot of help all night, and a lot of fun," well.... we are far from the coast where they pick the limes off their porches.....I'd go with the chocolate". I ordered a chocolate razz berry yummy moose thing and their lemon cake is legendary. Great meal. Fun time.

Monday was slow down day. Parker Started his new job at a hospital. The younger adults had to work. Royce and I slept in. Breakfast at the Waffle House. This is the first trip where I have not eaten any of the breakfasts in the lobby of the hotels. Royce loves the Waffle House. This one is not the best one we have been to.

We set out to find a house his son owns in the springs that is being managed by a company. He just wanted to look at it, it is a rental, we found it, the yard and the outside looked well maintained. Nice neighborhood. All the houses are well maintained. Got gas in the car and went back to the hotel for a while.

Drove up to Kalin's house. Kalin lives in Divide. Up high way 24 west of Colorado, Springs, about 40-45 minutes. Stopped in the town of Woodland Park and bought jello, potato salad, Pepsi and some bread. Tried to take the road to Cripple Creek but ran out of time. Kalin made chicken on the grill, asparagus and garlic bread. With the two salads we had plenty to eat. Diane arrived after she got off work and we had a pleasant meal. Kalin helped me install three apps on my ipad, gave Royce a tour of the house and yard, well house etc.. They had fun going over the boat and the motorcycle, the new sport bike. This is like a 4X4 bike, very off road. We watched a promo video by a company that's business is selling trips, maps, gear, and reasons to buy these types of bikes. They go out and scout the trips, decide how many miles to go each day, where to camp etc. get the permits and every 4-5 days they stay in a motel....... Of course the first trip Kalin has planed with a friend and his father they are going to ignore the experts advice and try to make it further faster AND over the hill ! Yes, I have been there done that AND I have the tee shirt. I know this family well.

Tuesday checked out of the hotel and set out to have lunch in the Airplane Restaurant. It is kiddy corner from out hotel. Part of the restaurant is in a Boeing KC-9  airplane that sits on the ground surrounded by the restaurant and bar. Good food, fun atmosphere, all kinds of plane stuff, airport stuff, model planes, new and old.

We saw a sign for an aviation museum/world war two a few days before  so after we ate we set off to find it. It was not where we thought it was. But as we drove on we saw another sign and after a few more turns we found it. The National Museum Of WWII Aviation is absolutely fantastic !!!! Their displays are first rate. Their memorabilia are wonderful. The time line is accurate and well-done. The planes on display are wonderful and are of a broad spectrum of class and uses. The man who conducted our tour was very well informed and took his time and answered every question. We had a vet, a Captain who flew in France and Germany during the war who was visiting at the same time we were, he was part of the group of about 10 0f us in our group. He added small details to our guides story. How lucky we were to have him in our group.

Next our guide took us next door to a company that restores old planes and tanks, jeeps, half tracks, etc... They are digging planes up in New Ginny and bringing them back to life. Quite an undertaking. Someone must have money. Their shop was busy with plans in various stages of repair. Some were rusting hulks. One was being fitted with new sheet metal pieces. The restored engines were interesting. The jeep, half track, truck, trailer, and crane all in army green looked ready for a movie set. They were clean and the tires were shiny.

They do flight checks for personal air craft. If you have a plane it has to be checked every so often and they are able to do that up to 5 years, I think he said. There was a Corsair there that was in an air show and taxied in to soft soil and stuffed his nose in the ground. Came in on a truck. Was getting fixed. just outside the 4th hanger.

They have Challenge Coins, Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts and other things to buy. They have dreams of a bigger museum.

Filled up with gas and drove west on High way 24 out of Colorado Springs about 4:30 PM headed for home.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back to the 70's life on a boat #1 finding a boat

My son ask me to find the paper work I saved from the time we spent on our boat  RACHA`KA.

She is a sailing boat. A stretch 38 footer, sea worthy and was our home.

We bought her in 1974 and sailed up and down the Southern California coast, along both coasts of Baja, Mexico, in to the Sea of Cortez and along the Channel Islands of California. Our home harbor was San Diego, Coronado Golf Course was our front door.

We left Denver, Colorado in 1974 after spending time looking for and finding a boat to buy.

I am finding bits and pieces so the memories will come back that way. I will try to tell this story in somewhat of a chronological order.

When we made the decision to buy a boat and go sailing full time, we jumped in whole hog. !!

We took Lessons from the U.S.Coast Guard. The boat had to be registered with them. Since we were in Denver, our nearest Port was St. Louis ! We took some ribbing over that, "How did you sail over the mountains ??" The teachers were glad to have some one who was going to sea. There was another couple in our class who was going to sea also. We learned the rules of the road, Port and Starboard, Red and Green. How to enter and leave a Port. How to read a Chart (map). How to navigate with out seeing land. How to use a sextant. How to use the stars and the sun to tell you where you are on the water. What tide charts and currant charts are and how to use them. We were on a sail boat so the wind was our power. We became very much in tune with the weather. We learned about sea anchors and how to sail on waves that are so high and so powerful that if they crash over you they will break your boat and you will sink.
We learned about keeping on course with a compass. It was a very complete course and we had to pass a test at the end. We all felt we gained knowledge we would use, and we did.

When we started talking about this my idea of a boat was a water ski boat on a reservoir. That is also all the children had been on. My husband Ray was a dependent in Japan and attended Keslerasu High School on an Air force Base. The Commander owned a Ship and the kids would take her out and learned to sail. So he had been on sailing ships.

We borrowed a motorhome and went to San Diego to go Yacht shopping. We were lucky and met Carlos the president of the wooden hull owners association who was a yacht sales man. He rode in the motorhome with us for days and showed us lots of boats. He became a good friend. He owned many flower shops. I learned what Frangipani was. We had a real adventure with him, helping to  move his boat, but that is another story.

Finally I had enough boat rides to know I was not going to live my life tilted over at ???degrees. Sail boats do not go any where when the weather is clear, the sun is shining, and there is no breeze ! and they are sitting upright ! they have to be heeled over and cutting thru the water. That is why their stoves are on gimbals so they can pivot- their cabinets have rails so the dishes do not fall out, and so on. No Thanks.

So Carlos was in a quandary. He had spent all this time with these nice people and may not sell them any thing, because this woman was really unreasonable !!! She didn't know any thing about boats or sailing.

He found a Brown Sea Runner Trimaran in San Diego Harbor. She was built by a man from Seattle. She had all the right paper work. Browns were known to be good designs. Being built in the north west she had seen cold weather and cold seas. A Tri has a deep main hull and two out rigger like hulls. She floats like a raft. Carlos knew about catamarans, they were the hot set up on the race boat scene. They have two hulls.

This was more like it. She would sail flat, well almost flat. And she was wide so we would have lots of room ..... Carlos, The builder, Ray, The kids and I set sail. It was a great day, sunny a good breeze about 8 knots so we sailed around San Diego Harbor. Nothing scary but fast enough to tack a few times and show us how she sailed. I liked the fact that the center cockpit gave you a sense of security, you sat down in the boat. I also liked that the children would each have there own space for their bunk and extra room to just be by them selves, not just in bed. Ray liked the sail set up and the high aspect mast. So we gave him some money and went back to Denver to sell our life, over 10 years of life !

More to come

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday 6-1-14

Today I worked in the yard and filled a garbage can and called it quits about 5:30pm. My weeds are way ahead. I bought a new lawn mower, it is charging its battery. It has a push button start so I can mow my patch of lawn. It was either that or buy a sheep !

Since I eat Lamb , maybe I should have looked in to raising one.

I cooked lamb chops tonight, new potatoes and Olatha, Colorado Sweet Corn. Yum. This is the kind of dinner you where have to wash your face and hands after and clean under your nails. I love chewing on the tiny bones. I found some raspberry balsamic  vinegar salad dressing, good stuff. Sunday is a good time to have this dinner, the bones and meat scrapes can go out in the garbage to be hauled away in the morning.

So far I am not missing TV. I am enjoying reading. Kalin and Royce gave me books to read for my birthday.

When Andrea and I went to Catalina Island We found a shop that sold sandals by Lindsay-Phillips. I bought a pair a few years ago and loved them and then the shop closed. They are flip flops that you can change the color of the straps and the embellishment's. I was so glad to find her again. I bought some new straps there and when I got home I got on line and ordered a new pair. Check her out. I find her wedge easy to walk in. It is just a great idea !!

Great looking shoes I always get complements when I wear them.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 2014

This has ben one of those months that reminds me how frail our body's are and how thin the thread is that connects us to this life.

I have a good friend who was on the mend. We were spending time together and going on short trips. Then she took a fall. Now she is down, and fighting to get back, back to where she was will be a good thing.

Another friend was in a terrible auto accident and is recovering slowly. Not being to get out and do for your self is very demoralizing.

An old friend found her cancer is back after 27 years. But we are positive it is the same and we will beat it again.

Friends husbands are receiving bad news from their dr.'s and not doing well. One is just worrying a lot and driving her nuts another has just given up and they are selling their home and moving out of state to be with family. She is giving up her life.

I am trying to be grateful with out analyzing everything.

I have friends that call to wish me Happy Birthday. I have friends and family that just call to chat. I have family that want me to come visit ! I have a wonderful friend to travel with. My life is good because of people like you who read this. I am a very lucky women. I am a good friend and I try to be a good person. I am optimistic and I think having a positive out look serves you well in this life. So one day at a time. ... I will live life as it comes and make the best of it. Hope the world is a better place because I am here.

Home again

I got home from LA Sunday 5-25-14. Had a great time. As usual my life took over and I had a bit of an adventure.

I met my Daughter and her Husband at the LA air port. We did not have much of a plan, meet up rent a car and go to the hotel. Sounds easy. In the baggage area I realized they may not be arriving in that area think !! My Daughter is flying out of Montrose or Grand Junction, Colorado. Either way it is not easy to get any where ! So I check the itinerary she sent me. It looks like something out of a spy novel, so I go to the old guys at the information desk, they say they have seen everything. Well turns out they have not seen this itinerary, she is flying over here, thru here up here to Phoenix and in to LA on ?? He can't find the flight number on his computer and he is supposed to have all that info on his computer. As we are scratching our heads here come Kalena and Joe with their luggage, thru a side door. Their puddle jumper, 9 passenger from Phoenix, landed, taxied on a road they think in the maintenance area of the airport thru the buildings and up to a gate. They fix aircraft instruments for a living and both worked on planes in the Navy so I think they know the maintenance area of an airport. I was sure glad to see them, so was the info guy.

We rented a Chrysler 200 and drove to Sherman Oaks and checked in to the hotel, met my Granddaughter and then went to the taping of The Arcino Hall Show. This story later.

Wednesday was Granddaughter Andrea's Graduation from Cal State Northridge, University of Southern California Northridge, The Matadors. It was sunny, over cast (thank you), a beautiful day. I bought a lei on the way in to the stadium for her. She is a beautiful girl and the camera loves her, all the pictures they took of he turned out great. Lots of wonderful kids and proud parents. The processional was well organized, the kids well behaved and it went fast.On the guad after they set out water, coffee and juice, pastries' and fruit on tables. The buildings were open to tour and for restrooms. I took a whole roll of film. Beautiful campus. Drove to the hotel changed clothes then to the beach !! On to Malibu to Duke's for some great sea food. Back to the beach !!

I told her this is what happens when old beach bums come to visit. I lived in LA for a while before I was married. Her Mom and Dad met at Miramar Navy base in San Diego. So we all miss the beach.

We drove down the beach road stopping now and then until dark. Joe wanted steamed clams. Andrea got on her phone and found a restaurant, a good one and we ate home made linguini and steamed clams, and home made crab ravioli in cream sauce. Heaven. Annie took home lunch for two days.

Thursday I took Joe and Kalena to the airport. We had a donut at Randy's Donut's, it is a land mark, and then back on the 405 and the hotel.

Andrea and I spent Friday and Saturday together and I flew home Sunday.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Here I go again. Off to Ogden, this time for a great massage !

My cozen Marsha is a licensed massage therapists . I know, I'm impressed. She is excellent. When I have been on a road trip, or just on a plane for 4 or 5 hours I can't wait to have her work on my back.

I have all the every day lower back stuff after working in the yard or house work. It seems every thing I do is at a 90 degree angle. Well after I spend time with Marsha and her magic hands, well honey, I feel fine for a good long time.

After I see Marsha I am going to Idaho and put flowers on Gary and his parents graves. I took a good look at the flowers in my front yard and there was no way they were going to wait a week while I played a week in LA. I am lucky they waited while I was at Talladega.

Yes Kalena I took lots of pictures. No I don't know how to put them on face book. Dolly will show me how when I get back home some time in the future !!
 see ya

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday 5-17-14

This morning I am cutting flowers. Dark Wine short Iris, Tall Violet, Tall dark Purple, and Tall Snow White. They will make a good show on my Mother and Fathers graves. My Mother's Mother and Father and sisters and an Aunt will get some and My Sister and her first husband. I will put United States Flags on My Father's grave and My Brother In Law's. I am also going to put some flowers and a small flag on Gary's son's grave. Then it's over to my Father's Father's and  his Mother's and Brother's. I have some red Peony's for the men.

I cut some hangers so I can anchor the containers to the ground. That is one thing Mr. Cope left me was tools. I have good wire cutters and small pocket size wrenches and pliers. I found them in all of his overalls and jackets. I think he bought everything by the dozen.
They are a handy size to take along on these outings.

So, I am off. After lunch I must pack for LA. I am looking forward to seeing my Granddaughter Andrea. She has worked hard at school and at work. We will have fun hanging out together for a few days. My Daughter got tickets to the Arcineo Hall show while we are there. That will be fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am home

Home from Talladega and Georgia ! What a trip. The flight to Georgia was a little bumpy. Low clouds getting out of Salt Lake and unsettled weather all across the US. We had one of those map things to watch so that entertained us. 3+ hours. Atlanta is one of, if not the largest airport in the US. WOW, you look at the map in the in flight magazine and panic ! We are never going to get out of here ! But It is very easy. By the time I went to the restroom, got on the train, found the baggage carrousel, our bags were waiting. The crowds are large but they are moving. The people are very courteous and pleasant. The hotel shuttle picked us up and the Double Tree Airport Hotel was nice. The staff was helpful to two weary travelers.

We checked in with our Dream Trip Hosts and received our tickets, pit passes, lanyards, plastic credential holders, and Talladega pins.

Our room was a king and was nice. After checking it out we went in to the restaurant. The server, Ben, was great. My friend had an appetite so he got him pork chops. Me I was just a little hungry, he suggest a chicken casedea, it was very good. We had margaritas from the bar, up, salt and no salt. All and all a nice meal, Gave us time to relax and calm down from our flight.

The hotel puts up Delta crew and staff so they are busy. My room was quiet, no outside noise, no hall noise. The halls and common areas were clean and the décor was different from a lot of hotels. The room was typical Hilton. They use fresh flowers in the halls, by the elevators, seating areas, etc. Welcome to the south. We desert dwellers like that.

Sunday morning we got up early. The small bus that took our group to the Race was new and very clean. There were 25 of us, plus a Host. Our driver was very knowledge. He made his way around construction, accidents, cops giving tickets, cars being towed and detours. Talladega is in Alabama on Anniston Air Force Base about 105 miles from Atlanta. We passed some small towns, but nowhere you would want to stay, unless you had your home with you. Lots of camping. Talladega its self is out in the middle of nowhere. It is a huge track, surrounded by land. Anniston is a closed Base but we passed an active Base on our way, plus national forest. At the track they have lots of parking at track side and camping places for trailers, campers, tents and all sorts of rigs. Hundreds of porta-pottys. All with in walking distance of the track.

There is seating for 100,000+. The stands were not full. The race is flat out - 3 and 4 wide most of the time. Single file is not the norm.
Danica did good early on, but it is like she runs out of gas or something. She always finishes in the 20's. Everyone said the wrecks were not as bad this year. I have not watched the race before so I can not compare, but I thought they were spectacular !! The one at the finish line on the last lap was a real dust up!! At least they let the race end.

I am so glad Royce goes with me. He knows why the cautions are called. He knows all the cars and drivers and where they stand in the points in the races. He takes time to explain over and over why things are as they are in the race. He has a real good time at the race and holds my hand on the trip to and from the track. It is nice to have some one to have fun with.

Back at the hotel we relaxed and cleaned up. boy were we covered with dirt. The restaurant was closed, they were doing room service with no charge and serving in the bar. We did not want to go any where so we ate in the bar. The bartender was a delight. He ask every ones name, and remembered them.

Monday we spent some time seeing a bit of Atlanta. I have done a lot of traveling and going in and out of airports and hotels does not count as seeing a city. Having never being to Atlanta before  we hired a cab for 2 hours and saw some sights. They have a giant Ferris wheel downtown by Olympic Park. We rode that first. What a thrill. You can see all the buildings, all of Olympic Park, we were alone in  a gondola that could seat six or eight people. It is quite a ride. Next we drove by the Coke a Cola Museum, the Aquarium, the CNN building, Ted Turner's complex and the home of the author of Gone With the Wind, the novel. He stopped were ever we wanted.We saw Emery University, and the home of the Atlanta Braves and drove through another business school. We went to Atlanta Underground but I did not go down. We drove through neighborhoods and were impressed by the hotels and banks down town. Atlanta is a big city, we took a small bite and then went back to our hotel. The cab driver likes Atlanta, he is from Ghana by way of London. He feels living, working and going to school in the United States is easier than in London. He goes back and forth to London a lot. He knew the city well and we had a good time with him.

Tuesday we flew home. We checked out of the hotel at noon and our flight was not until 4:30pm. We got a good feel for how big the air port was !
We bought a pizza and a beer and sat by a window and watched a tarmac with the planes coming and going and the baggage trains going 90 miles an hour in all directions with no traffic lights. It was incredible. Our server explained that the bar tried to be a little different. They are such a big, busy place they try to have different food, a full service bar and a place to sit out of the flow of the food court. Our pizza was a build your own with feta cheese and Italian meets and a thin crust, hand tossed. Good sauce. There was a man playing Jazz on a piano.

The flight home was bumpy. 90 mile an hour tail wind all the way. Good pilot he didn't let it slow him down!!
Good to be home. Next stop LA

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday 5-8-14

This will be a little discombobulated. That is how my day is going. OK I am home.

Yesterday I thought I would unpack, do some laundry, take stuff to the cleaners and pick up my mail. Lazy day-recoup- right ? Well you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. I wonder where that saying comes from ?? Anyway a friend called. We see each other once a month at least, go to lunch or dinner. She has had some very serious health issues and has been on the mend this last year and we have been making the best of it. Getting her out more and more. A little over a year ago she was really down, mentally and physically.  I was talking to her on the phone about her childhood on a sheep farm. "Oh how I would love some lamb chops." Well get some, you have a house full of people there. I know most of her family very well. "No one will cook lamb>" I will. "Really ?" So I cooked beautiful lamb chops with little bones, asparagus, and red potatoes. We had cheese cake with straw berry syrup for desert. A teen age grandchild came by and just tasted a chop and ended up eating one. Her Mother lives with her and was so happy to have lamb, she ate two ! Her Mother told stories about the sheep farm out by Bridger, Wyoming. They had some wild winters ! My friend came to Salt Lake and worked at The Auto Auction and is a car guy like me.

This year we will have almost the same menu. Fruit and Ice cream for desert. I am trying to work with Greek Yogurt instead of ice  cream, but I cannot get it to taste good,.....maybe if I put ice cream in the yogurt ......

The prep went well. I cooked the chops 3 minutes on one side and 2 on the other on high heat. This got them nice and brown. Salt and pepper on one side when I turned them. I never season meat when it is raw. The asparagus I fried in a pan with a  olive oil and a little Garlic powder, about 5-6 minutes. The red potatoes until just tender.
I gave up on the yogurt. We had Ice cream and fruit.

My friend, her husband, her Mother, her grandson and I had a great meal and I left them with enough for another meal. We enjoyed great conversation and are glad we are in each others lives.

An old friends daughter dropped by. She is living across the street, renting a room. She mentioned a few people, but I did not know any of them. Her Mom is doing OK but not really well. We lost touch when I quit drinking. Lori is the same age as my daughter Kalena. She was a reminder to me how hard friendships can be. Her Mom and I could be friends tomorrow if I would have a drink with her. There was a time when we saw each other every day, and played with each other two or three times a week. I have saved her life and she has saved mine. But when my husband and I quit drinking she could not get past that. "But you don't have to quit just because he does." "IF we go out you can have a drink with me." She is one of those people who cannot be around you if you are not drinking. So I accepted that. I missed her for a long while, but life goes on, that was 12+ years ago.

So all in all a full day. I will write about Talladega soon.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Cleaning out the fridge

When I leave town I stop buying groceries and try to use up most of the perishables.

Tonight I made some great soup out of left overs. I went to my favorite noodle house two days ago and brought home good broth, noodles and bean sprouts. I had a piece of pork chop and some french fries from a day or so before. I can not throw food away I save little dabs of this and that and then I make soup, chili or spagaitti, depending on what I have on hand and who is coming to dinner.
So, you put a little olive oil in a small skillet, heat it up with some salt and pepper fry the cut up pork for a minute, add the cut up French fries, and add some green onions, 3, you found wilting in your crisper, season with season salt, garlic powder and pour the broth over it, I ate the noodles last night, heat it up good and with the sweet sprouts on the side and some black olives and a Pepsi, it is a good soup and a nice meal.

I have done the same thing with spagatti sauce in a pinch. I have made it with left over roast beef, one hamburger patty, two pork chops, a few pieces of chicken and maybe a piece of sausage. It was the best sauce. If you read the old recipes they always had more than one kind of meat. Usually pork and beef.

I got my boarding passes printed out so I am ready to fly away. The neighbors are watching the house. Hope the weather is nice in Atlanta and Alabama.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

another wonderful person

As I was writing the goofing off post I mentioned the lady who does my nails.

Meet Mariaelena. She is from central Mexico. She has been in this country for 40 years. She met her American husband when he was in the army and stationed near her home town. Her Father and Sister are Doctors and worked at the hospital where he worked. He had to work hard and do a lot of talking to get her family to agree to the marriage. She tells some funny stories of telling her Father she would run away. But her Father knew you can't run away with an army guy. They have 4 children all married and healthy and happy. They have lived in Salt Lake City and Utah for 20 years.

She trained as a cosmetologist in Mexico. Where she earned her license. She has worked in salons in the US. I met her when I walked in to a salon near my home and ask if they had any one who could do manicures on real nails. She was there and came out and we talked and I made an appointment with her. That was three years ago. We became fast friends. We are both very opinionated. We love good clothes and our family's. As we became friends I kidded her a bit about her English skills, they were lacking. How did you deal with your kids teachers in school ?? She admitted it was hard. She only did real nails. We talked about that. Acrylic and gels are all the rage.
You have to go to school. I'm to old. I would like to ... but .... reading all that English .... her daughter came in one day and we conspired to get her in school. Her daughter is a cosmetologist and works in a good salon. She has gone thru the school so she can help her Mom. It took some doing but she did it. Boy did Mariaelena work, and sweat and work and worry but after a few weeks..... the kids liked her and she was learning all kinds of things.
Like "you were right they gave me wooden sticks". She uses all metal tools. I brought orange wood sticks to use on my cuticles, because they are easier on the nail.  her English improved too.

 When I went to Cancun she told me all about the tipping and the resort etiquette. She is the reason I took more than one swimming suit, "they will not dry, and you do not want to wear a wet suit. Do not just wear a cover up, always change for lunch and dinner." She is a delight and I look forward to our time together. I tell her what is going on in my life and I hear about her trips to Mexico and California for weddings and birthdays. Since her schooling her business has increased and her confidence has improved. It is nice to see. I am lucky to have these wonderful people in my life.

goofing off

Right now there are 15 things I should be doing so I am going to just hide out and just write on my blog. This is nice, it is quiet and I can just ramble for a while.

I am almost packed. Took some jackets to the cleaners, they will be back tomorrow. One is a golf/rain one. It is a pretty color and light weight, has a hood in the collar and could go over a skirt. Got to count my pills. Being old is fun. Got the phone # for Atlanta Tours, hope they have a good history tour. Today is cold and windy. I am such a wimp, I have seeds to get in the ground but I hate working in the wet dirt. It has been cold and raining off and on for two weeks. My Iris are really blooming they love cool springs. The Peony's buds are tight and not  showing color. So I am hoping they will all just chill out until I get back on the 7th. Yeah right. I am getting a mani and a pedi tomorrow so that will blow the day. If I have to I could take flowers up to the graves Thursday or Friday. Just make a day of it. Don't fly out till Saturday. I have been on the phone disputing a charge on the VISA. That is fun. "But I didn't go to New York." They will call back or send forms or both. My mani, pedi lady just called, her car died. So all bets are off. Now she has to see when she can get in to the salon. Should I offer a ride ? Her husband is not working ...maybe he can get her home. I called her back and I am going in Thursday. Another client is going to pick her up and she will do her and her Mother in the am. Then I will come in and she will do me and I will take her home. She and I have become friends over the three years she has been doing my nails. It is important to me to get my nails done. When she does them they look good and last longer than when I do them. I want to be able to wear sandals if the weather is nice in Atlanta. Well got to go to the store, just a few last things. I am really looking forward to this trip. This is a big track and a big race. FUN FUN WHEEE

Monday, April 28, 2014

Talladaga 2014

Today I am packing for Talladega !!

I booked this Dream Trip thru WorldVentires a travel club my son and I belong to. They are the company that arranged my trip to Cancun last year.

In February I was looking at their web site and this trip was listed. 2 nights in Atlanta, Georgia at a 3 star property= Aniston Tower tickets to the Sprint Cup race Sunday=pit passes=airport transfers=roundtrip transfers to the Talladega Speedway on Sunday= and lots of goodies. Trip is for two, under $800.00, airfare not included.

They will have personnel at the hotel to take car of any of your needs, room upgrades, tickets to the races and upgrades, transportation and reservations at area restaurants and transportation to them. I found them very helpful in Cancun. It is a 1st class organization. I am glad to be a member of my son's team.

After the 6 and one half hour rain delay at Daytona and Atlanta starring in the Weather Chanel TV Shows I am planning on rain. Royce is buying ponchos. He thinks I will last longer in the stands if I can keep my underwear dry. I am taking my Danica Patrick jacket. It kept me dry for quite a while in Daytona and this is one of the few places I can wear it . I am packing jeans and racing tee shirts, scarves for wind and to keep sun off the back of my neck.

You know turning up your collar and ascots serve a purpose.

I am also taking some layers, hoping for sun. We get in late Saturday, Sunday is race day, so we have Monday and Tuesday to see Atlanta. I have never been to Georgia. Atlanta is a big city with lots to go and see. I have ask about Stone Mountain State Park, with their train ride and any Confederate tours. The hotel and the trip folks will have info available foe us. I am not driving so I wand to go and do and see the area and not be in a car or a building. I told our Host going to the race and the airport do not count as being in Atlanta.

I remember a interview with Michael Phelps after he won his last swimming medal in the Summer Olympics. Bob Costas was chatting with his Mother. We all saw her in the stands over the years, read the articles in the magazines and in  newspapers. After 10 years or longer you feel like you know them. He turned to Michel and ask about The Barcelona Olympics in 4 years, "There are rumors you are going to retire". "I am really thinking about it" His Mom laughs and says, " But I want to go to Barcelona". Michael says I have been to every major city in the world. Competing in the World Cup or in a different race. I have seen every airport, swimming pool, hotel, and out, on to the next meet. I have never seen the city. I have never sat in a café and had a 2 hour lunch with friends and not hurried. Bob turned to his Mother and said, "I'll bet he can buy you a ticket to Barcelona and get you in to he games!". They all laughed. But that is just it, airports do not count, I want to see some of the city. We may only have two days but that is enough time to see if we want to go back.

So back to packing. I have a black maxi that is straight with a sliming silhouette. With a red shrug it will  dress up in case we go out to dinner. I am toying with the idea of packing one more skirt. They are cooler than pants and jeans are for the races. I like jeans in grandstands, you never know want to expect. BUT, we are only there 3 days the other days we are flying, and I only want to take one bag this time I have to be reasonable. Also there are shoes.  Real sturdy ones for the race track, we have pit passes, I don't know what that means, how much walking we will be doing, so my Converse tennis. Then got to have some thongs (flip flops), I have some nice wedge black ones for the maxi, slippers, I am up to 4 pair now. Then underwear and an extra jacket and two tops in case it really does rain !! One bag .... wish me luck.

Oh, did you hear about the black bear attack in Lake Mary Florida ?
I wonder how close it was to the hotel we stayed in for The Daytona 500 ?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mom's liver amd onions

Buy Calf Liver about one pound for three people

 go to an AG Market, or a market where they have a meat counter where all the meat is not wrapped and packaged. If you can only find baby beef liver smell it. It should smell fresh and feel firm. If it is soft do not buy it, if it smells funny do not buy it. Some meat markets will order a liver for you.

Wash it real good under cool running water. Slice it into one inch slices and run your fingers thru all the veins you can and clean out all the old blood you can under cool water.  Cut the slices into one inch cubes and dredge in salt and pepper and flour The easiest way to do this is in a plastic bag mix the salt, pepper and flour  in the bag throw the liver pieces in and shake.

You will need a heavy cast iron pot. I like a dutch oven. Put in about 2 to 3 table spoons of oil in the pot and heat it. Put the liver pieces in a few at a time and fry on high heat. Brown all of them. Do them in batches if you have a lot. Stir them do not burn them. Turn the heat off. Now in the same pot, do not clean it, pan fry some bacon.4 pieces for one pound of liver and more for more. If you like bacon you may add more after you have cooked your first batch. Only fry the bacon about one or two minuets. Not crisp. Take the bacon out and pile all the liver in the pot, shake it to level the pile and put the bacon on top. Now the secret. Big beautiful yellow onions 4 or 5. Slice them thick,  half inch slices. cover the liver and bacon with at least 2 inches of onion slices. Use more onions if you have to the secret is 2 inches. Put a good tight cover on the pot. This steams the liver with sweet onion and bacon flavors. When the onions are tender the liver will not stay pierced on a fork,  those tender morsels will win some hearts. Yum. If your cover - lid is not tight put a brick on it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting older

One of the delights of getting older is laughing at the younger generation.

I remember my Grandmother saying " you think that is new ? "
There is a saying, every thing that's old is new again.

One of my favorite shows on TV is Andrew Zimmerman's food network show. He goes all over the world eating all kinds of things.

There was a department store in Salt Lake City, ZCMI, that had a food court in the 1950's. They had a bakery, a diner, a specialty grocery store and a candy counter in the basement. This was in the middle of town in one of the best stores. On the top floor you could buy New York Fashions, one off's for my Lady, and furs.

My Father and I would buy canned pacific salmon, whole oranges pickled in jars and chocolate covered ants. The herring in sour cream and sardines were special and the Kadoka Figs were out of this world.

My Mother was a good cook. When she cooked chicken we all wanted some of the liver on saltine crackers. The heart and gizzard were treats too. She prepared calf liver with bacon and onions and we all loved it.

I have done a lot of Deer hunting. When you kill a Deer you have fresh heart and liver for camp supper. I have had hunters tell me " that's ok, I'll have a sandwich ". When I get the dutch oven going with the onions, bacon, spices, liver and heart all of a sudden maybe " I'll just try one piece " then you have them.

Now I read in a magazine, The Week, that a new restaurant in LA, B.O.S. thinks offal - OFFAL- is new and trendy. If you look that word up in a dictionary it is The Parts of a butchered animal that are considered inedible by human beings. rubbish; garbage; carrion. They are serving tripe and calling it squid. They think heart has a beefy flavor, really? could that be because it comes from a beef .....
I wonder what their prices are like ?

I have a wonderful recipe for liver and onions. I will dig it out and share it.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The wonderful People in My Life

I am a most fortunate person. I have wonderful people in my life.

Let me introduce you to my gardener.  Notice I said gardener not landscaper ! When my husband got sick
I got busy. His care, Dr.'s, lots of unforeseen stuff. I kept the house clean, but the yard went to pooey. My husband died, I didn't do a lot in the yard for quite a while and it showed. The yard looked like no one lived here. So I looked  landscaper up in the yellow pages in the phone book. The first one showed up with a truck 3 guys and a lot of power tools. I explained I needed the yard cleaned up and grass pulled and flower beds cleaned and weeds pulled. They left. I went to the yuppy garden store around the corner and they recommended "Wild Willy's" so I called. They had new red trucks and trailers. Three guys and three days later I could not see what they had done. He said I was the first person that had ever fired them. I ask how long they had been in business. He cut his invoice in half. I was ready to go to the high school or .... when I came home and found a sheet of paper on my door with a note telling me of a gardener a GARDENER. so I called, he called me back and came over the next morning. "we will clean up your yard, all the leaves and old dead plants. we will pull the grass in the flower beds, we will pull the weeds. In three days if you are not pleased you will not pay us and we will be gone. If we do good work we will be your gardener all summer. I had told him my tale of woe trying to find some one. So we agreed and he has been my gardener for 2 years.Mr Sandino Caro comes twice a month. I have watched his son grow and graduate high school, now he is married with a son. We have gotten rid of morning glory, what the farmers call bind weed. This year we are putting back in seeds I harvested that first year. His man Mr. Sanovio and I worked around each other as I saved seeds from Lark Spur, and Flax. We are ahead of the Iris beds and the grass is even under control. The Day Lilly's and the Roses look good.

This year Oscar has one flower bed ready for planting. Now I just have to get the seeds in the ground. I have them ready, with the Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper and Epsom Salt. Hope the pepper keeps the birds away until the seeds get started. I have lots of birds. They are used to coming for the sunflowers. We have Robins and Doves and Pigeons and Sea Gulls. Later I will see Canaries and Blue Jays. When I get them in the ground I will put garlic in the water for a while. I have read that drives every one away. It got rid of a cat a year ago.

In my next gardener story I will tell you about losing a fight with a rose bush and how that almost landed me in the hospital !

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter 2014

I have been told to just start putting my thoughts  on here and quit editing so much.

I went to a Dr.'s appointment. Her office is in a building adjacent to a hospital. They have the best gift shop ! I stopped in when I left and bought my self a lavender bunny.

I do not need a bunny, I have lots of bunny's, but this bunny was not very big and it was lavender. And it has long floppy ears and well I bought him, yes he is a boy bunny.

When I was a little girl I had a large white rabbit. I lived in a city so the rabbit was in my back yard in a cage. His name was Thumper. He got out a lot. I think that was my fault. I remember chasing him around the yard and sometimes into the neighbors yard. I have black and white pictures of Thumper and me. When I would hold him his legs would hang down to the ground. Either he was big or I was small.

Friday, March 21, 2014



I learned you have to let the nanny goats have babies so they will give you milk.

In my homestead summer twin black and white baby kid goats were born. They played with us, running, jumping, like two more children.

We went to cut hay in an area where they let you cut it and haul iy away. All the children had a wonderful day. The boys worked and we all helped load the fresh cut grass. I remember a big cutting tool. It was an adventure to go a long way from the Homestead. I remember going to a small store in Upper or Lower Tonsina. I think that is the name of the area. We brought the hay home home and stacked it .... kind of in a stack off the truck in a pile. We were allowed to play on the hay stack before we got it all off.

 We had an old truck, probably a one ton, and you could climb up on the running board, up on the fender, on the hood, up on the top of the cab and slide down the hay stacked in back of the truck. It was a ball! We were all doing it. It wasn't long before the twin goats were following us up over the truck and down the hay. It was fun having animals to play with like that. The animals on the homestead were a treat for me. I was never allowed to have animals in the house or many pets growing up. That's another story.
As the kid goats grew older they played with us less and hung around the nanny goats. That is not a good situation when you are depending on the nanny's for milk. A man from a homestead down the road came by and all the children were put in the house. I remember him joking that his knife was sharp. The boy baby goat was not a baby when he left, and he would not grow up to be a Billy Goat.


My brother in law Cler built a shelter for Rowdy, our big red cow, and put clean hay in it so she could have her calf in a nice place. The state cow guys would come out and check her. That was interesting ! They would put on rubber gloves that came up to their arm pits and go in side her. They said they could tell when she was going to give birth. All I knew was she did not like it. When the hay was unloaded from the truck it was stacked near the shelter.

Got to talk about RABBITS. I learned that most animals have cycles. Some years there are lots of rabbits and 7 years later there are very few. This year there were lots of rabbits, the adults stayed up nights guarding the hay with guns from the rabbits. We hoped we had hay enough to carry the animals through the winter. The rabbits had run out of food. Men from the surrounding area would come down and help our family guard the hay. The rabbits would come in throngs, hundreds. They shot hundreds of them. They had to use a front loader to dig pits to bury them.

When Rowdy had her calf she broke out of the shelter and in to the haystack and had him there. Through the years different animals had been brought to the homestead to provide food for the family. These had been named by the children and lived to an old age. SO we were told over and over IF Rowdy's calf was a girl that was a good thing. She would continue to give milk and the dairy would get a new cow. BUT if the calf was a boy ..... his name would be VEAL CUTLETS!
More Homestead stories later

Monday, March 17, 2014

Daytona 2014 - Florida 2

We drove the route we would take to the parking lot for the race, two days before, Just to make sure our memories were working. Then we drove around the track. It is fun to see the vendors and drivers rigs all set up.

Sunday morning we left early and the traffic was not too bad. Drove to the same parking lot, # 10, where we parked last year. It is out in the country side. You get off of high way 4 and take two lane roads through horse country, past barns, county fair grounds, and plowed fields. Lot 10 is a grass and alfalfa field that has been cut down. We remarked how the recent rain had kept the dust down. Last year it was very dusty. We didn't have far to walk to catch a school bus to take us to the race track. They have a loading area set up and people to get the buses parked and you on them as fast as possible. You are off the high way, parked and on the bus as fast as you can move. They remind you to park close and lock your car. The buses drive on the sides of the roads and in the turn lanes and on the frontage roads. I counted 6 school districts.  I found my self just as excited as I was last year. This is the 500 ! 250,000 fans WOW. We had pre race pit passes and went behind the pits and saw how they were set up. Found a car from Idaho, bought tee shirts and hats, a shot glass and drinks. Walked around the infield and then across the straight away into the stands. OK we all know about the high banking on the corners, but did you know from the infield .up to the stands is an up hill  hike across the straight a way stretch between turn 4 and the finish line and turn 1. And then you have to climb a ladder to get up to the gate off the track into the stands ! Boy if the guard had not lent a hand I am not sure I would have made it. Our tickets were as good as last year, at the top of the first section and the people around us were happy to be there.

We enjoyed 30 + laps before it started raining. The race stopped as soon as the rain started. We sat in a down pour for three hours. I know crazy - crazy. Well finely my underwear was soaked and I had had enough. If the school buses were not running we were going to take a cab back to the car. The crowd getting out of the track was awful. Pushing, shoving, the bleachers dripping, rain coming through.the cracks. I felt very short. We made our way out to the tram. It took us from the front to the back of the track. There we caught a school bus back to the parking lot. I am so glad they were running the buses, we were not the only ones leaving. The people at the gates reminded us to hang on to our tickets. They would be good when they started the race.

Our wonderful farmers field was now a swamp. We are lucky we were among the first to arrive at the lot. I was wadding in water and mud up to my ankles. Black mud, grass, rocks and trying not to get my shoes sucked off ! Our rental car was a Dodge Avenger and my traveling companion is a race car driver. That combination got us out of that quagmire. We drove out behind cars being pushed by people, trucks driving back and forth trying to find their way out. Just because you drive a big truck dose not mean you know how to drive. As we approached the road out of the lot, a driver in an Impala stopped and signaled us to go ahead. He could see we were going to make it if we didn't stop.We maneuvered around and over obstructions , shifting and keeping our momentum up and bounced up in front of the Impala. I'll bet AAA was busy that night. We were covered with mud and grass from the truck ahead of us. I saw one girl standing by her car with the rear quarter panel hanging off. Thank you Impala.

Back at the hotel it took a few hours, a tub, and lots of hot water to get me warm and in a good mood again. " do you want to go back ? Our tickets are still good." I will not print my response. They started the race after a 6 and 1/2/hour delay. They ran in the dark.The race was on TV. That was good enough for me, "hello room service ....." Can you imagine that parking lot in the dark after 3 more hours of rain .....

The next morning I began my trip south. I planed on seeing the coast of Florida down to Key West. As soon as we got south of Orlando the weather was better. Only a few hours of rain a few days later.
More later. Thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daytona 2014 + Florida

I leave for Orlando tomorrow. 2-19-14  Daytona !!  yay I can not wait!! I will have a few days in Orlando so I can shop and explore. I found out one of my favorite stores is there Soma Intimates.. They have closed in Salt Lake. I will see if I can find them.

Wish me luck with the weather and the airplane !! Our weatherman is saying it is going to snow here.
I confirmed all the hotels today for our stay.

I am going to miss my nieces wedding on the 20th. But I got them a nice room at a great hotel in Salt Lake.

 Thursday  2-20-14 Orlando !! 82 degrees ! The flight from Salt Lake City left on time as a cold front was moving in. It was bumpy as we climbed through it then Sunshine on top .
I sat next to a mom who with her family was returning to Ormand Beach after a week of Skiing at The Canyons . Ormond  is next to Daytona.We picked up clouds again  coming in to Orlando.

The residence Inn Marriott was nice for one night. Lake Mary Marriott was great. They upgraded us to the 10th floor,with concierge service.
 It rained cats and dogs for two days. Could not find the stores I wanted. Ate at Crabby Joe's. Found a great little ice cream parlor and had a wonderful chocolate shake.

Mobil 1 Race guys were staying and Tecking and entertaining the Stewart Racing Troops at the Lake Mary Hotel. Lots of stickers on the entrance glass, large floor mats in the lobby and check in area and a large conference / out side bar, entertainment area going for three days and nights.

Sunday, 500 day, broken clouds, ignoring the weather man. Hope Springs Eternal.

I wanted to post this from the road as I travel. I have not mastered my ipad, I am reading, and wifi is not reliable. So I am working from notes. I will edit and post daily for a while.
To be continued.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Daytona 500 2013

Daytona 500 !  It has a magic sound. I have watched it on TV for  years.

I belong to  The Rovia Travel Club. They had a package tour for two to the Daytona 500, they call it a Dream Trip. It was for a three star hotel, race tickets, transfers to and from the airport in Orlando Florida, the race and hotel. My travel agent could not touch the price. I wanted to go.

I have a new friend and he is an old drag racer. He knows all the cars,teams and owners. I have been going to and participating in drag racing since the 1950's. I convinced him getting out of Utah in February was a good idea. The package was ours.

We arrived at the airport at  4 am for a 6:30 am flight on Delta Airlines. When we got on the air plane it was snowing HARD. They deiced us twice. As we started to taxie the 2nd time the cabin filled with smoke. They held us up and the crew turned on fans , the smoke cleared. We decided the smell was the deicing fluid. After deicing us again the 2nd officer came out a looked out the window at the leading edge of the left wing. The captain said he was looking for ice. At least he looked older, maybe this was not his first flight. Off we go, we are going to take off this time. OK, settle down Florida here we come. SMOKE again this time it will not stop. An alarm goes off. CLANG !!! CLANG !!! The flight attendant sitting in front gets up and opens  the restroom door, it was full of smoke and the alarm in there was going off. She slammed the door. It is not a good sign when the crew loses their cool. She opened the cockpit door. We  had been able to see out of the front of the plane as we loaded passengers. Now the cockpit was filled with smoke and we could hardly see the pilots. The captain announced we were returning to Salt Lake City as he made a steep right hand turn. We did't have a choice, FAA REGS say when a fire alarm goes off you put the plane down. Now people were breathing thru their undershirts. I had a big scarf for my friend and I to use. Jackets were over heads. Some people were looking on their smart stuff to see if this could cause cancer. Kids were crying. It was not a fun place to be. You could not see the seats in the back of the plane the smoke was so thick.

Back at the airport they got every one off the plane , " please take all your carry on and personal items with you. You will not be able to get back on the plane."  Delta ask us to hang around the gate area. Salt Lake City Fire Trucks arrived and parked behind our plane. Also the   Haze Matte Fire Department crew with Que Tips arrived. They were going over that plane inch by inch. Even inside the engine intakes. A different  plane arrived, a new crew was found and we left around noon. This cost us a day in Orlando. Delta gave us $25.00 to spend on food in the airport and $50.00 Airline credit months later when I called and complained and not before. I do not believe they would have given it to you if you would not have asked. They said it was a weather delay. It made the local news in Salt Lake City. The Delta Flyer Card personnel were helpful in getting our credit vouchers when I called and complained. Talk nice and carry an air line card.

The Avis Rent a Car people were fast and we did not spend a lot of time in the airport in Orlando. My friend was raised in south Florida so he thought he knew how to get around ..... well there are new roads and highways, toll roads, some just numbered different. He is old and male, men do not ask for nor listen to directions. A deadly combination I learned. The Avis man explained where Lake Mary was and how to get out of the air port and what numbered highway to take. I paid extra for a GPS, I knew I didn't know where I was.  I was tired and put him in the drivers seat, Mistake. I had no idea where we were, getting out of the air port was fun, it was like the Kingston Trio's MTA song, round and round. With no horizon - it was dark -  we took off on the wrong highway in the wrong direction. "I know where we are, I just have to find ..."  After the 2nd toll booth I had had all the fun I could stand. I ask if we could ask the toll taker if we were headed toward Lake Mary ? Oh No we can't do that, why ? Just 'cause. Bull - when I saw the next toll booth I told him either we are asking or I am shutting the car OFF. OK ? I can see the keys in the ignition ! OK ! So the toll lady told us to flip a u turn and go back and catch the next exit. We found Lake Mary and our Hotel.

We checked in to our Marriott Hotel at 11:30 pm my time. Their night clerk was a hoot. He would not look at me as we checked in. He was very busy typing." Yes mam your room is ready" Typing typing. Every time I ask a question he handed me a room service menu. I decided he was taking inventory. Do you have a restaurant in the hotel? "Here is our room service menu you hang it on your door and we will deliver breakfast to your room between 6 and 8 am. Typing typing  I ask if they had bell service ? Yes. .... Did he think it  was a rhetorical question ? More typing. Is the bell man on the property ? Yes. ... Could you call him ? Oh, do you want a bell man? yes.

 I have worked in hotels and I carry a Marriott Card so I know how this works, but I will tell you we were on my last nerve. I now had three room service menus. My friend was trying not to laugh out loud. He finely turned his back.

So here comes Bob the Bell Man. He is driving the Marriott van, he has on slacks, a shirt almost tucked in and I swear he is 60 +. He shows my friend where to park and takes me with our bags up to the room. We talk about how much we will enjoy the race. I give him a nice tip. The next morning I talk to the front desk staff. Bob is the security guy, he drives the van around at night checking the parking lots and out buildings.They treat us to breakfast each morning we were with them and dinner at a very nice restaurant. Remember to talk softly and carry a Marriott card !

We drive to The Daytona Race Track. WOW The traffic is thick and backing up but they handle it.  The over head highway reader boards get us off the main roads and run us thru the country on back roads past horses, cows ,beautiful homes and farms.They park us in a field with hundreds of cars and temporary lighting. The parking attendant is quick  "Pull over here, be sure to lock your car, take your coat you won't be back until after the race.See the flags over there that is where you catch the school buses to the race. And he is off herding cars and trucks. We run in to a man selling tee shirts and buy one. At the flag site they are loading school buses as fast as they can. I counted 6 school district's buses working this Sunday. The drivers go fast and use the shoulders, turn lanes and lanes not open to traffic. They drop us off on the back side of the track and a tram takes us around to the front. We stood in line about 15 - 20 minuets. We found our seats and were pleased to be just 18 rows up from the track, so we could see all the cars as they went by. Our seats were also across from where the cars slow down to go in to the pits. I do not think I sat down for 10 minuets during the whole race. We were in the first section with a wall behind me so I was not standing in front of any one.

I have watched this race on TV many times. It goes by much faster in person. There were 5 guys behind us from all over the east coast. They were college buddy's. They come to Daytona every year and hang out for a week. One had Bush/M&M stuff on, they all had their favorites and were betting on everything, when the 1st caution would come, how many cautions, what color under wear the guys were wearing. Who would crash first, who would go out of the race 1st. They would not bet with me on Danica, they saw her as a wild card. We all enjoyed having my friend with us - he knew why the cautions were called, why destroyed cars are allowed out on the track to finish the race.They told him he needed a beer to keep up with his screaming lady, he is not a yeller, and he needed, no earned a beer for all the good information.They wished us well and hoped to see us in 2014.

The buses were waiting for us after the race. Back in the parking lot we put the seats back and slept for an hour or so while the traffic thinned out.The drive back to Lake Mary was easy.

The next day we enjoyed our breakfast and headed out to see some of Florida. I drove on Daytona Beach !! The sand is hard, it is made of coral. Years ago the 500  ran on the beach and in town. We ate lunch at Crabby Joe's and just enjoyed the sunshine. Back at the hotel that evening we got dressed up and went to dinner at Bones Restaurant.

Tuesday we drove to Cape Canaveral. OH BOY this was worth the trip. The theatre reenactment of the landing on the moon was wonderful. I got goose bumps. They load you on busses and show you the gantry's and the huge equipment that moves things around, WoW. They dropped us off so we could see all the rockets. Ya baby ! That's what it is all I think we saw the rockets 1st ... anyway the Saturn 5 Rocket is soooo big It blows your mind. I bought lots of stuff in their gift shop. It was a great day.

The trip back to the hotel, back to the airport, back to Salt Lake was OK.

I am going back this year, 2014, more later.