Friday, June 26, 2015

June 2015 Update

May was a good month. The last week I drove over to Montrose Colorado and spent my birth day with my daughter Kalena.  Attended the first concert of spring season in on the golf course, where she and her husband played with their band "The Blue Gators" . Then we went to a bar for a CD release party . Bought a CD and a Tee shirt. Long fun day.  

June has been busy. The flower business is steady  at Unity Salon. Other businesses come and go. Right now I am not going after any new ones. I want to travel this summer and I cannot get too many things covered when I am out of town.  I am going out on Friday the 31st of July and coming back the 2nd of august. That is easy because I take flowers Monday and Tuesday, so I am home. The 1st of August is The Olatha Sweet Corn Festival, in Colorado. The Blue Gators are playing. It will be a real good time. All the sweet corn you can eat and good music all day.

I had a funny thought about being put in boxes, or groups.
  I have fought being put in groups all my life. In High School kids would come up behind you and turn your collar down, too see if you had the right label in your clothes. I cut all the labels out of my sweaters.
  Now my Dentist tells me I have to be in a box. Smoker, non smoker. He is a dentist, is he passing out Salem's ?
  Male, Female, can't you tell ?
  What color are you ? Did your Great-Great-Great come over on a big ship or a raft or swim ?

In the 50's and 60's, when I was in Los Angles, our views of the different races was easier than it is now. When a group of black and white couples found a restaurant that would seat us but not serve us, we went back as African Royalty, and were served. An entertainer on Alvaro Street billed himself as the President of TWA.

At 73 + you think you have seen it all, but just wait. New things every day. That is why I want to go and do while I still know my name and yours and can walk un aided.