Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring is here !

Spring is here and my last entry says I am decorating my Christmas tree! My life just took over and I sat back and let it. I got out all my stuff and opened all the boxes and looked at all the accumulated goodies. The bathroom got decorated, the living room, dining room, tree, kitchen and still there was stuff that was not used !! My house looked great. I cooked a turkey when Kalena and Joe came over because she and her Band played for a Community dinner at Thanksgiving and the leftovers were not much. We had a ball shopping and hooking up my TV. I sent it all home with them.

As I took things off the tree I decided I could sell some of the older ornaments. My niece follows sites on the internet where they buy and sell vintage stuff. My Mom brought some ornaments with her when she moved in with me. She bought them from decorators, they were used in store windows. I had a few from the governors tree, I bought at fund raisers. These were satin, velvet, beaded, very ornate. They sold easily. A week ago I went with my neice to a Antique Fair. It was only advertised on the internet. We went at 9am. an hour and a half before it opened and were in line with a crowd. This was the 2nd day and they were expecting 300, tickets sold over the internet. They had over that many the first day ! It was fun finding out I am Vintage - I have or have owned almost every thing they are selling. So now she and I are going to go though my cupboards. $$

In January I spent a few days with a friend in St. George Utah. She is getting over cancer for the 3rd time and getting her appetite back. We ate our way through St. George. I gained 8 pounds ! In March I spent a few days with my brother and sister in law in Kingman, Arizona. Warm weather, bought purple Turquoise and had a good time. We found a great steak house, I enjoy their company.

Now my taxes are almost done and maybe I will get back to this ... Maybe.