Friday, October 16, 2015


Fall ! It is still so warm Fall has had a hard time convincing us to put away our white pants and cotton blouses. The sandals still sneak out for a walk on a warm day.

I want to take some Train rides. So, to find out if the cost of a sleeping room was worth it, I went to San Francisco.  The train was 4-5 hours late leaving SLC and Emeryville ! But once you get going it is great !! The sleeper was worth it. You have your own room, with a door, lock, sink, shower, toilet and a couch, chair and closet. The couch makes into a double bed. The service is great and the good food is included. The observation cars and club cars are a good way to meet people. Amtrak sent me a map of the US. I am going to plan some trips. My only problem is I have slow mountains to get over to go anywhere !

I drove to Denver Sept. 6 th. I read about The Art Hotel. Only 3 months old downtown next door to The Denver Art Museum. Wow what a hotel. Wonderful original art in all the lobby's, rooms, hallways, and public areas, ie. convention and meeting rooms. My room was really special. the hotel car took me shopping, one day, and to dinner another. I saw family for a few hours over the weekend. I attended an exhibit at the museum over two days. It was good to see what has been done with the museum. It is more then double the size it was when I left in 1974.  The staff of the hotel was wonderful. They went out of their way for me and greeted me as Mrs. Cope. The maids work in the rooms with the doors shut, so you never see them in the halls. It is part of the  Preferred Hotel chain.

I staid in Palisade, Colorado overnight coming and going, in the Wine Country Inn. I cannot drive all the way in one day any more !! Nice hotel surrounded by vineyards. Good food and people. Great wine.

Now I am going to get ready for Halloween !!

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