Wednesday, November 18, 2015

End of October

I missed Halloween at Home this year. I put the pumpkins and gourds I bought in Palisade, Colorado, in the planter on the front porch and cut some tall ornamental grass from the yard to go with it, to dress it up. Looks nice.

10-27, Drove to Cedar city spent 2 days with niece Corrie. She is coming along fine after surgery. Drove to Las Vegas, had 3 days and Halloween with my Daughter, Son in Law, Grandson and Granddaughter. What a treat, and a wild time. Vegas and Halloween, Wow ! Then I drove back to St George and had two days with a friend who is beating cancer for the 3rd time. We celebrate every chance we get.

Now it is November and Winter has arrived. The Ski areas are open and the snow levels are rising, in Utah and in Colorado. The last few storms to move through here and across the country have been good for some and  destructive for others. It is cold, got my heavy coats out, and put away the light weight jackets.

I want to drive to Colorado, Springs and have Thanks giving with my Son and his Lady Diane and her family, next week. I am at the mercy of the weather. I can drive on Interstates all the way to Denver and then South to the Springs. But the elevations are high and the hills can get slippery. The semi trucks have a hard time and can make a mess of things. I have driven past them as they slide down hill and you are in the center of the road, going up hill. The Highway Patrol Guys are escorting them down, trying to keep them on the road.  I have driven these roads a lot, in the winter. I will try to miss the worse spots. I25 south to the Springs can be bad, and I do not know how to get around it. It is the only way to get there. Hope the weather breaks for the last week and the first week of December.. I will stay in Palisade coming and going and one day in Denver at The Art Hotel, before I start back.

I love to travel. I am glad I am able to do it. I plan on Christmas in Montrose, Colorado with my Daughter.

Very little decorating this year !! Well,  there will be some ..... I love the Holidays and I have sooooo much to put out for Christmas. so I just won't put up a tree, .. maybe.

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