Monday, April 25, 2016


I am leaving on an Auto trip.

I am going to California, north on the costal Highway all the way to Seattle, Washington. This will take two weeks. I will see a Brother-in-Law in Eugene, Oregon, and a Nephew in Seattle.

I will not hurry. From Seattle I will drive East to the Dakotas, then south to Missouri. I will visit friends there and then west to Denver and home. I think I will be gone three weeks. I will be where I have never been and where I have not been in 20 years. So I will take my tome and see the sights.

I am looking forward to seeing the coast of California and the Forest's of Oregon and Washington. I do not remember the Dakotas and south of there will be new to me.

My son bought me a GPS and I have state maps so I will not get lost.

Some one will watch my house and park in my drive way. I am a lucky lady.

Wish me well.

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