Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25,2016

I have been getting things done this month so I can go on a Road trip in May. The weather has not been real good. We have been getting a lot of rain and it is cold today. The weather where I want to travel has been wet and windy and cold. I hope by the time I get ready to go the Spring weather will have calmed down. I need to get the inspection, emissions and new tags put on my license plates to show I paid my taxes on my car. April has been a busy month for me at the auto repair shop. They fixed the switches in the drivers side door that control the windows and the door locks. The panic alarm has been going off at all hours. They have found corroded wires by the hood lock, and replaced them. We put a new motor in the windshield washer. The alarm has not gone off for two days, the washers are wonderful, all the windows go up and down and the locks work ! So I guess  I will keep the car !! When this all first started I remembered a experience with an older Lincoln. The repair bills went into the $1000.00's before I traded it in. So this time I was out looking. !! But these bills have been low and only cost me four days.

I talked to my travel agent about where I want to go, what states, city's , how many days in each city and the route I want to take. She will scope out the hotels and advise me on the time it will take. She thinks it will take about two weeks from Salt Lake to Seattle. I am not doing a lot of miles or hours each day. Some city's call for 2-4 days.

Right well I thought it was going to stop raining, but no, so I better get some other stuff done.

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