Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016

so, ... I am still in Salt Lake. It is still raining here. Every day. It is snowing in Washington State and all across the northern part of route I want to take on my trip. In Bismarck and south of there they are have severe weather with flooding and Tornado's live on TV !! I had hail yesterday. And we had 70-90 mile per hour wind gusts that took out trees and tipped over semi tricks in I-25 by Ogden, and up in to Tremonton.

Springtime in the Rocky's. The storms move through one after the other. The West coast gets hammered, then us. Denver has had feet of snow. The Midwest is slammed, Texas is flooding, the South East is a mess and the East coast has high winds and rain blowing things down.

 I am better off at home. I am packing, re packing. Talking to friends, Refining my list of cities. I am glad I did not push it and get stuck out some where.

By staying home I had Mother's Day, Dinner with a Grandson after his finals, before he left for the summer and time for dinner with friends.

Now it is time to read the news paper and relax for awhile. The sun is out, cross your fingers ......

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